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  • How to save money on this journey
  • How to keep your kids happy and healthy

Why Join the Warrior Network?

Connect with Other Parents

Whether you have a child with ASD, Down Syndrome, CP, or Sensory Processing Disorder, there are other parents fighting a similar battle. Meet and support your fellow Warrior Parents and see the strength of what community can do! 

Find the Right Resources

Finding the right resources for your child is imperative to their physical and neurological growth. Rocking the Spectrum will help guide you in the right direction in regards to nutrition, speech, behavioral therapy and more!

Learn from Professionals

Our first instinct is to go to our friends and family for support. But sometimes, parents need more, especially  when it comes to having a newly diagnosed child. Our site will help assist you in these areas and get you and your child on the right path!

Be the Parent YOU want to be

When you think of becoming a parent, you imagine the ball games with your son and shopping with your little girl. When you have a special needs child, your world is not the fantasy any longer. We are here to help you become Super Dad and Mom in your new reality.

A Personal Message from Dina Kimmel 

When we had our son Gabriel, the experience was completely different than with our daughter Sophia. We felt hopeless, especially at first. Soon after, the lioness kicked in and I began to submerge myself with what I needed to do! I went to the library, doctors, and hundreds of websites to get as much information as I could about ASD.

Your job will be much easier here on Rocking the Spectrum. You will not have to go to multiple sites and try to patch together all of the information you need. In our A to Z library, we will help you with everything and anything you need. If it's not in our library, our coaches, community, and support team are here to answer any and all of your questions.

Remember, you are never alone on this journey!

What's Inside The Warrior Network?


A Growing Video Library
A Forum to Meet with Other Parents
Live Q&A Sessions
Guides, Checklists, & More!

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"As an O.T, I am always looking for resources to send to my parents. They are always so thirsty for more information. I am thrilled to be able to lead them to this site full of information in all aspects of having a child with special needs. "

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